Our 5 day trek above Spiti valley


Waiting for the mountain pass leading to Ladakh to open? Instead of wasting time in Manali and thinking of short treks in Parvati valley, try a 5-day hike in Spiti. This remote and unique...


Our hike through Prenj mountain


Running away from the city life and Poland’s moderate summer, we headed to Bosnia for a few summer weeks. Dagna, our friend Ayesha, one-year old Golden Retriever called Cupi and I. All with individual...


One day hike to Kol Tor lake


Having heard our reply to a regular question about where we’d been in Kyrgyzstan, a lady in a marshrutka concluded that the purpose of our trip to Kyrgyzstan was to visit the mountain lakes...


Where to eat cheap in Vienna


Most of those who visited the capital of Austria and one of the greatest capitals in the world when it comes to culture, were probably prepared to get rid of a pile of money....